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Each CPP lead is requested to supply a storyboard for use and display throughout the Learning Session.


Storyboards are a useful tool for effectively presenting a team’s work to a variety of audiences. At previous Learning Sessions we have always encouraged practitioners to use these as a tool to visually display their improvement journey.

We are therefore excited to announce that there will be an award for the best storyboard at this year’s Learning Session as voted for by the delegates attending day 1.

To make the most of the opportunity for Improvement teams to showcase their work we have introduced a storyboard poster template which should support you to showcase a key piece of work in the best possible way.

Once submitted we will print your storyboard for you as a large scaled poster and have it delivered to the SECC to be displayed at the Learning Session. After the event, we would encourage you use the poster to showcase your work locally – perhaps at local events, in reception areas, during leadership meetings, in your local newsletter or bulletin or on your organisation’s website.

We appreciate that it isn’t always easy to tell your improvement story and so we have included a couple of examples and step-by-step guidance to help create a fantastic poster.

Storyboard Template – Guidelines for Completion

Learning Session Storyboard Template

Learning Session Storyboard Exemplar 2 v2

Learning Session Storyboard Exemplar 1 v2

This template should help to highlight your key learning and achievements and provide other delegates with a brief introduction to your project.  Please include contact details so that they can follow up with you directly with additional questions.

To ensure that your story looks great in print format please use the guidance attached when completing the template. It is formatted specifically so that when it is printed in a larger scale the text and images are legible.

Each CPP or third sector organisation will be allocated a space for only one storyboard so it is important to consider the following when choosing the right project to showcase:

  • It should be work that is using Improvement Methodology
  • It can be new work that is progressing well
  • It can also be work that has been on-going for a while

Whilst we can only accommodate printed one poster per CPP/third sector organisation, we will accept an electronic copy of a second storyboard which will also be placed on our app. If submitting more than one storyboard please advise which one you would like printed and displayed at the Learning Session.

Please submit your storyboard to cypic@gov.scot no later than 31 October 2017.

If you have any questions or require any support please contact your area CYPIC Improvement Advisor or elise@luxevents.co.uk

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